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& Make-Ready

Buying or selling a house is stressfull enough without having to clean, paint, make repairs or upgrades, get the yard in order....oh and the basement!!!! We offer move-in or make ready services from either side of the sales or rental transaction. Rather than dealing with each service individually, we offer a turnkey solution to preparing your house for listing market or the move-in process. Services include:

- Deep Cleaning

- Junk Removal

- Painting

- Flooring
- Lawn & Landscaping

- Remodeling & Upgrades
- Maintenance & Repairs

- Even Moving & Unpacking

& Support Services

While we can handle most renovations, we also offer add-on services to assist other professionals with their projects. We understand the difficulties of finding certain services such as tough cleaning jobs after renovations. Whether it's years of tenants' dirt build up, a foreclosed and abandoned property or inches of sheet rock dust, we are used to heavy-duty cleaning projects.


We also offer custom services pertaining to real estate and property management. If you have a need and it is not listed here, we would love to try to help. If it is out of the scope or our services, we will be honest and upfront, as well as happy to point you in the right direction.


Rental Property Support & Education

Whether you need help understanding how to do it all yourself or finding the right full-service management company, our goal is to educate you on the rental process. As investment owners ourselves, we know the value of good tenants, efficient maintenance and low turnover rates. We help educate owners in the rental process and show you how to move through each step:

 - Vacancy Advertising & Showings

 - Tenant Application & Screening

 - Lease Processing

 - Monthly Rent Collections (Online)

 - Maintenance & Repairs

 - Make Ready & Renovations

 - Financial Reporting

Note: We are not a full property management company. Rather, we show you how to do it yourself, assist with renovations and getting it ready to rent, can be retained to manage the maintenance and upkeep and help you analyze and choose the services that fit your needs.



Buying or selling a house is stressful enough without having to paint, clean the carpets, make those repairs, get the yard in order....and oh…the basement!!!! Whether you are preparing to sell, buy or rent your home, Byngam offers a full array of services to get a property “Move-in Ready”.


As investors ourselves, we understand the time constraints, stress and fears associated with moving and/or renting a home. That's how we actually got started - renting our own house due to an unexpected moving situation. Since then, we have spent 15 years building a team and perfecting our systems…so you don't have to. Rather than the hassles of dealing with a separate company for each item on your punch list, or paying a premium for a contractor, Byngam is the full-service stress reliever when it comes to getting a property move-in ready. From deep cleaning and simple repairs to painting and remodeling, we can take care of as little or as much as you need including the rental process.









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