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Foreclosed, boarded up, vandalized and overgrown, nobody wanted this property....but me! It took power tools headlamps, masks and over 4 hours to do the preliminary walk through. I fell in love and saw the long term potential for this diamond in the rough immediately. Renovating in Phases in order to generate immediate income, we focused on the front street sides first, working our way to the back units in due time. Each unit in this 10-door complex boasts a unique floorplan with both historic charm and modern designs. Always a work in progress, we will continue to upgrade with value-added amenities such as a courtyard grilling area, back street access, storm shelter and storage areas.





It's amazing what a little paint and landscaping will do for the curb appeal of a property. Ok - it took way more than roof, all new windows, replacing old rotted wood, tearing down fences and a full tree trimming - yes....makes a huge difference! But it only took a few weeks before the neighbors began to stop by and inquire about the renovations. We had leases on the first 3 units well before completing them.

   We renovated in Phases in order to get tenants in sooner and a steady flow of income to help sustain the project. We completed 3 units on the right side first because this structure was the most dominate from the street and would have the most positive overall impact on the property.


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