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This is a small 2 BD/ 1 BA house that was in shambles. I don't have the original photos with the 1970's portable dishwasher, rusted brown stove and laundry hook ups in the kitchen, which did not leave enough room for a refrigerator, so of course it was in the dinning room! These "before" pictures are actually after 1 round of renovations and a tenant who lived there for 2 years. The kitchen had 3 doorways! One to the dinning room, one on the outside back porch and one leading to the other side of the house. We sheet rocked the unnecessary doorway to the bedrooms and added more counter and cabinet space. This allowed for a built-in dishwasher. We created a laundry room within the screened-in porch. A pass-through window cut in the solid wall between the living room and kitchen opens everything up and makes the space seem bigger. We could have made it completely open with a 1/2 wall of cabinets and counters, however, this would have greatly increased our expenses and still no room for the refrigerator. Ultimately - this complete kitchen make over only cost about $2200 including labor.

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